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Helping you - Be the best you can be... onsite, or virtually.

I love people...


I believe there is nothing better than watching one person, or a group of people start to believe in themselves and their innate strengths and be the best they can be.


I've spent almost 30 years in various sectors including Housing, Care, Education, Retail and Sales, and one of the things I have discovered is that there is nothing wrong with having confidence in your own abilities.  I've learned many lessons; tough ones, fun ones, and life changing ones, but each lesson has served to give me the experience I need to help you.


People don't always care what you know until they first know that you care... and I care.


So whether you need some individual Life Coaching, small or large Group Training Sessions, help with your business, or need to work better  as a team, I can design and deliver something that will enable you to be the best you can be.

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"Nikki brings a great sense of fun and commitment to any given task, and has a wealth of experience in all sorts of roles that can be drawn on to give valuable insight to an individual, business or group."